About the Job Cell Initiative

We are all aware of the uncertainties that we face in today’s world as far as a secure career is concerned. The dynamic social, political and environmental changes has adversely affected continuity of jobs in terms of both industries as well as regions. A small step in this direction will not only ensure stability for an individual but an entire family.

This portal acts as a bridge between Recruiters and Job Seekers to ensure that job opportunities coming up during this period are communicated to those in need. Further, it also aims to handhold the jobseeker to apply in the right manner to increase the likelihood of getting shortlisted/selected.

Highlights of this initiative:

1) It is absolutely free of cost and is applicable for all churches under the Diocese of Delhi

2) Provides Job Alerts as soon as new openings come up

3) Candidates have access to a dedicated team of people who will also help them with the application preparation process (Resume building services)

4) Since it is online, you can access it anywhere, anytime at your convenience!

So if you are a Recruiter or Coordinator start contributing to adding new opportunities in the market and Jobseekers make sure you apply at the right time with your most updated profile to ensure, you get noticed by the recruiter!